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Myco farm edible truffle kit grow instructions

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Myco farm edible truffle kit grow instructions

Everything you need to produce fresh sclerotia “truffles” (such as Pleurotus tuber-regium) mushrooms (except culture syringe). Kit contains: 650g Rye Injector bag, 10 mL liquid culture vial, swabs, withdrawing equipment. This is a two step process which would suit the more experienced cultivator. Wash and clean hands with alcohol gel and work in a clean environment.

Firstly, the culture/spores are boosted in liquid culture and, once growing, transferred to the rye grain. This leads to a more rapid colonisation and better yield in many of these species (however you could just inject a MycoFarm directly with P.tuberregium spores or culture but the results will not be as good and may even fail).

1 . Remove only the small centre circle from the aluminium cap leaving the rest of the cap in place. Swab the grey rubber centre portion and inject the liquid culture vial with approx 2.5mL of culture/spores. Incubate at correct temp (usually 20-25 C)

Mix contents by shaking gently every few days. Within 1-2 weeks, white fluffy growth of mycelium will be visible in the liquid. N.B. See photo: the liquid above the fluffy mycelia is still transparent – if it is cloudy even after being left to settle for a few minutes it may be contaminated with bacteria. If so, best to get another vial and start again (contact your supplier)

2. This step needs to be done carefully, so get everything ready, read through first and have a practice run. Work in a clean area. Shake the vial vigorously, swab lid (keep swab handy for later) and turn vial upside down so the liquid is near the cap. Withdraw most of the liquid culture using a sterile syringe and leave a small amount remaining in the vial. It is not necessary to get every last drop (and trying to get the last this may increase risk of contaminants entering). Before removing the syringe/needle, grip the barrel/plunger carefully to stop it moving and the contents being sucked back into vial under pressure. Try not to draw any extra air into the syringe. The alcohol swab can be placed over needle when withdrawing to reduce risk of contamination.

3. Inoculate rye grain bag using 5-10mL of the culture produced in step 1 using a process similar to a standard mycofarm. Swab injection port and needle before inoculation.

4. Mix well. The best way to do this is to fold the bag overjust below bottom white filter and shake grain around so it doesn’t come into contact with filters (as this can increase chances of contamination). Stand the bag upright so the grain is not touching the white strips and incubate in the dark (eg cardboard box) at room temp approx 18 – 25 C. Do not mix contents again. After approx 3 months and sclerotia will reach a reasonable size. Even longer (6 months or more) will give larger yields. During these long incubations some contaminants can sneak in but the kit can still sometimes give good results.

Always cover and discard any sharps carefully in a sharps bin or in a strong plastic container (such as an old bleach bottle with child-safe lid) and dispose of safely.

What is CBD oil?

Monday, November 9th, 2015

What is CBD oil?

Many people ask us what is CBD oil? and is it the same a cannabis oil or rick simpsons hemp oil? The simple answer is no.

CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp grown in Europe rather than from marijuana. The big difference between Hemp and Marijuana is the level of THC concentration. THC is the Psychoactive compound contained in cannabis/marijuana and is the part of the plant which gets people ‘high’. The other main compund found in hemp and cannabis plants is called CBD. CBD does not have an intoxicating effect but has been held up as the compound from which medical benefits can be derived.Both marijuana and Hemp  generally have low levels of THC, typically under 1%. Some cannabis breeders have created strains such as ‘Charlottes Web’ which have much higher levels of CBD and low levels of THC.

In order to get high levels of CBD from industrial hemp an extraction process is used on large volumes of hemp flowers and stalks to increase the percentage of CBD in the refined hemp oil. This Hemp oil at various difference concentrations between 3% and 30% can then be put into a variety of products such as sprays, tinctures, pastes, capsules, e-cig liquids and smokeable concentrates.

The great thing about CBD oil is that it cotains the high levels of CBD that many are people are looking for but almost 0% THC. This means that in most countries (including the USA, the eurozone and the UK) it is completely legal.

Many studies have been done into the medical benefits of CBD but none of our products have been evaluated by the FDA or MHRA and are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with your health care provider before making any medical decisions. Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating.

If you are interested in some of the medical studies down with CBD this is a great website:

We are currently stock a small range of CBD oil products which can be seen below:


Endoca CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

Endoca CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

Endoca CBD Hemp Oil contains 20% CBD oil with a total of 2000mg of CBD in each tube.

Endoca CBD Oil suppositories 500mg

Endoca CBD Oil suppositories 500mg

Endoca CBD Hemp Oil suppositories come in a packet of 10 x 50mg CBD suppositories for a total of 500mg CBD per pack.

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg 15% CBD

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg 15% CBD

1 bottle of Endoca CBD Hemp Oil Drops contains 1500mg of CBD at a 15% strength.

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 300mg 3% CBD

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 300mg 3% CBD

1 bottle of Endoca Hemp Oil Drops contains 10g Hemp oil with 3% (300mg) CBD

Endoca Raw CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

Endoca Raw CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

1 tube of Endoca CBD hemp oil contains 10g Raw Hemp Oil with 20%(2000mg) CBD & CBDA

Endoca Raw CBD Oil 30% 3000mg

Endoca Raw CBD Oil 30% 3000mg

1 Tube of Endoca CBD Hemp oil contains 10g Raw Golden Hemp Oil with a 30% concentration of CBD & CBDA which means a total of 3000mg of CBD & CBDA

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg CBD Capsule

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg CBD Capsule

1 Bottle contains 30pcs of Endoca Raw Hemp CBD Oil capsules total 1500mg CBD+CBDa

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 300mg CBD Capsules

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 300mg CBD Capsules

1 Bottle contains 30pcs of Endoca Raw CBD Hemp Oil capsules which means a total of 300mg CBD+CBDa

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg 15% CBD

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg 15% CBD

1 bottle contains 10g of Endoca Raw CBD Hemp Oil with 15%(1500mg) CBD+CBDa therefore 1 drop contains 5mg CBD+CBDa.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops 300mg 3% CBD

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops 300mg 3% CBD

1 bottle contains 10g of Endoca Raw CBD Hemp Oil with 3%, 300mg CBD+CBDa therefore 1 drop contains 1mg CBD+CBDa.




Myco farm edible grow kit instructions

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Myco farm edible grow kit instructions

The Myco-Farm TM is a complete kit for growing gourmet mushrooms at home. It is simple, high-yielding and fun!

The kit is suitable for people who want to cultivate edible fungi from basics using a culture syringe (not included). It is a simple three-stage process and can yield several hundred grams of mushrooms over 2-6 crops. No air pumps are needed – it is a very quiet and unobstrusive system that can be left on a bookshelf.

It is very useful to have a max/min thermometer so you can check your temperature range. Too cold will usually just slow things down at bit but temperatures over 35 C will kill many species.

Kit contents: Bag with injection port containing 650g sterile grain, swab, contaminant-resistant casing layer and humidity tent.

You can buy a MycoFarm here!


MycoFarm packed

MycoFarm in packaging.

Contents: 650g of sterile grain in a custom-made bag with injection site, swab, contaminant-resistant casing and humidity tent

You will need a King Oyster syringe (not included) for inoculation. Many other species will also grow well.


The first stage involves growing the white mushroom mycelium on a bag of sterile grain. We use grain as it is nutritious, easy to mix and allows the mushroom to spread quickly through it. This method is suitable for many different species of mushroom but temperatures will vary depending on the species grown.
Grain bag ready for inoculation
Wipe injector site and needle with swab.
Inject approx. 5 mL of edible mushroom culture. You can store the leftover syringe in the fridge. (N.B. Injecting more liquid won’t do any harm but doesn’t speed things up either). Stand the plastic up vertically. Incubate at 25-30 C in the dark (some airing cupboards are good or you can build an incubator).
After 7-10 days at the white mycelia will begin to grow. Once you can see a few square cm’s of white mycelia, you can speed things up by gently mixing the bags contents (Do not open the bag! Gently break up the grain and mix through the plastic with your hands). The mycelia will not be as visible after mixing, but it will regrow vigorously after a few days. It should be fully white (or “colonised”) within about 3 weeks at the correct temperature.
Stages of growth. The bag on the right is fully colonised (i.e. white). When the bag is COMPLETELY white with no patches of bare grain move on to Stage 2. If it is not colonised mix by massaging the bag without opening, check incubation temperature and leave a little longer.


“Casing” is a term used by mushroom growers to describe the addition of a top layer. Although not all mushrooms need this layer, it is worth adding as it greatly increases yields. Casing protects the grain from drying out and also provides a good habitat for baby mushrooms to form and develop. We now use a new type of casing – dry polymer in a bag (which replaces the older “soil” in a tub). The dry polymer requires the addtion of hot water before use (see below).
Take your bag of dry polymer then simply boil the kettle and add 1/2 of a mug of very hot water to the bag (careful not to burn your fingers).
Close the bag and stand upright for about 30 minutes until it cools. Shake to mix the expanded contents.
While your casing is cooling take your grain bag from stage 1 (which must be COMPLETELY white – if not leave it longer). Now mix the grain again by gently massaging contents through the bag and allow the grain to settle so the top layer of the grain is quite flat and level. Cut the top off the grain bag about half way up.
Pour the casing layer on to the top of the grain and shake gently to even out.
Fold over the top of the bag and add a couple of clothes pegs. Then cover the whole thing in foil – you should end up with something like this. Put it back in the incubator at 25-30 C for 3-4 days. This allows the mycelia to re-grow and take over the casing layer. Then go to stage 3


Mushrooms are the fruitbodies of the mycelium – a bit like the apples on an apple tree. To let the mycelium know it is a good time to produce mushrooms we need to give it three signals: light, air exchange and a reduction in temperature. To do this we place the bag from Stage Two at a lower temperature in a humidity tent which allows light and air in.

During the last few days, the mycelium will have started breaking through the casing layer. Sometimes this is not very obvious.

Roll the sides of the grain bag down. Moisten the perlite in the large humidity tent with 1/2 a cup of tap water. Place the grain bag inside of the tent on top of the perlite. Peg the top of the humidity tent. Place the whole thing in indirect light at 20-24 C and wait 7-14 days. Near a window works well but not in direct sunlight. You can occasionally open the humidity tent and mist the inside with a hand-sprayer full of clean water if you have one.
After a couple of weeks you should see the formation of baby mushrooms (called “pinheads”) on the top of the bag. They are usually white (but here you can see the pink pinheads of Pleurotus djamor growing through polymer casing.
The mushrooms usually develop fully in 5-7 days. You can pick them by washing your hands and carefully twisting and lifting. Each crop of mushrooms is called a “flush”. Using the Myco-Farm several flushes of 150g+ each are common.
Once each flush is harvested you will boost future crops by spraying heavily for a few days to replace the lost moisture in the casing layer. Check out some recipes and enjoy!

Deluxe daddy Vaporiser

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Deluxe daddy Vaporiser is a new vaporizer which offers many excellent features

vapor daddy deluxe

deluxe daddy vapouriser

Vapor Daddy and Deluxe Daddy aromatherapy and vaporizer machines are the #1 selling units in Canada! Change the way you think and feel about aromatherapy and the benefits of vaporizing. The Vapor Daddy and Deluxe Daddy are simple, easy to use, with a timeless design to match any style. The Deluxe Daddy is the only aromatherapy and vaporizer machine on the market with a patent pending removable and replaceable element with a 3 year warranty. So join the rest of us who enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and vaporizing. Breathe Easy…Your Vapor Daddy is here!

Puffit vapouriser (vapourizer)

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Puffit vapouriser – available now from

We only stock a small range of vapes here at salviaonline and are very picky about which ones we choose but had no hesitation in adding the Puffit vaporizer to our product range right away.

The Puffit Vapouriser is the stealthiest vape in the world and looks super cool in its disguise as an asthma inhaler

puffit vaporizer


The PUFFiT™ vaporizer is USB rechargeable, making charging your device as easy as using it! Recharge anywhere you find a USB port.

With an aim to set a new standard in discreet personal vaporization, the PUFFiT™ vaporizer is the perfect choice for more seasoned vape enthusiast and conservative users alike.

PUFFiT™ vaporizer – the discreet choice!

USB Charging…

Simply plug your PUFFiT™ vaporizer into any standard USB source using the supplied cable. Standard charging time will be about 2.5-3 hours. It will not harm the battery to charge it before a low battery warning! When in doubt… plug it in!

Charging time

Heating Time depends on factors such as starting temp, type of blend, and temperature setting but the initial heating cycle should take about 20-30 seconds. Once it is warm it should happen much quicker.

Uses per charge

Total uses vary with temperature settings and blend but you should get between 25-30 cycles on a full charge. Do not attempt to use your PUFFiT™ vaporizer while charging. Always remove USB cable before starting a vaporizer cycle.

Variable temperature control

This is the temperature setting. Temperature ranges from 120°C (250°F) to 220°C (430°F) refer to the instruction manual for more information.

LED for ease of use

The flashing LED tells you what your PUFFiT™ vaporizer is doing. The LED indicates low battery, heating, cooling, charging etc. Refer to the instruction manual for a complete explanation.

Mouth Piece

The included mouth piece covers are made of food grade Polypropylene and are meant to provide a clean surface for individual users (Just in case you want to share your vapour but dont want to share your germs). They also prevent contamination of USB socket and temp wheel. They are washable and replaceable. Extras can be purchased from your PUFFiT™ vaporizer retailer.

gifts for smokers

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Looking for a gift for smokers? Then we have just the thing with our new range of smokers gift hampers which come packed with smoking supplies inside a cool hamper.



Smokers gift hampers - SmileySmokers gift hampers - FlameSmokers gift hampers - 8 BallSmokers gift hampers - BlackskullsSmokers gift hampers - skulls and roses

Our smokers gift hampers are the ideal gift for that smoker in your life. Each hamper comes fully loaded with smokers toys.

Each of our smokers gift hampers come with an array of smokers toys and equipment in 5 unique themes.

Toys include:  Bong, Ashtray, Rolling mat, Pipe, Skins ,Guazes, Lighter and more!

Hamper themes: Flame design, Ball black design, Black skull design, Skull and rose design and Smiley design

mushroom grow kits – available now!

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Mushroom grow kits which are very easy to use are available now for all mushroom growing enthusiasts

As well as mushroom growing kits we are selling a wide range of edible mushroom spores and mushroom growing supplies so you can experiment with the wonderful world of fungi.

Edible mushroom kits

Edible mushroom kits

We stock a great range of edible grow kits which allow you to grow your own edible mushrooms and truffles at home.

Edible spore vials

Edible spore vials

We stock a great range of spore vials for growing your own exotic and rare edible mushrooms.

Mushroom grow supplies

Mushroom grow supplies

We stock a small range of high quality mushroom growing supplies from syringes to microscopes to help you in growing edible mushrooms.




KC brains seeds now available in feminised 5 seed packs

Monday, September 10th, 2012

All of the KC brain strains are now available as feminised marijuana seeds. They are all prices at £25.99 for 5 feminised seeds or £11.99 for 10 regular seeds.

blackskull marijuana seeds in stock now!

Monday, September 10th, 2012
Great value marijuana seeds from blackskull seeds

Great value marijuana seeds from blackskull seeds