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gifts for smokers

Looking for a gift for smokers? Then we have just the thing with our new range of smokers gift hampers which come packed with smoking supplies inside a cool hamper.



Smokers gift hampers - SmileySmokers gift hampers - FlameSmokers gift hampers - 8 BallSmokers gift hampers - BlackskullsSmokers gift hampers - skulls and roses

Our smokers gift hampers are the ideal gift for that smoker in your life. Each hamper comes fully loaded with smokers toys.

Each of our smokers gift hampers come with an array of smokers toys and equipment in 5 unique themes.

Toys include:  Bong, Ashtray, Rolling mat, Pipe, Skins ,Guazes, Lighter and more!

Hamper themes: Flame design, Ball black design, Black skull design, Skull and rose design and Smiley design