Temporary problems with online card payments

Credit and debit card payment problems through the website temporarily unavailable Unfortunately due to problems beyond our control we are currently unable to take credit or debit card payments through the website. We hope to be able to take card payments again as soon as possible but in the meantime we do offer alternative payment […]

Myco farm edible truffle kit grow instructions

Myco farm edible truffle kit grow instructions Everything you need to produce fresh sclerotia “truffles” (such as Pleurotus tuber-regium) mushrooms (except culture syringe). Kit contains: 650g Rye Injector bag, 10 mL liquid culture vial, swabs, withdrawing equipment. This is a two step process which would suit the more experienced cultivator. Wash and clean hands with […]

Ban of all legal and herbal highs in the UK

As of 26th May 2016 the New Psychoactive Substances Bill comes into place in the UK which bans the sale of any product with a psychoactive effect. This means we are no longer able to sell Salvia divinorum, herbal incense, Entheogens, Fly Agaric mushrooms or various other products.  

Smart Business: The Best Affiliation Ideas For 2017

Ever thought about starting your own gourmet mushroom farm to earn some extra money while doing something you have a burning passion for? What most startup businesses fear most is the inability to grow in the market they have selected. The lack of growth in terms of sales opportunities, as well as an increased degree […]

Beat the Rush – Shop Online

Online shopping – the Christmas rush The 21st century has heralded a huge increase in online shopping. While since the advent of the internet, there have been various degrees of online purchase opportunities, it is now one of the most popular ways to buy. In the run up to Christmas, many people prefer to go […]

What is CBD oil?

What is CBD oil? Many people ask us what is CBD oil? and is it the same a cannabis oil or rick simpsons hemp oil? The simple answer is no. CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp grown in Europe rather than from marijuana. The big difference between Hemp and Marijuana is the level of […]

Myco farm edible grow kit instructions

Myco farm edible grow kit instructions The Myco-Farm TM is a complete kit for growing gourmet mushrooms at home. It is simple, high-yielding and fun! The kit is suitable for people who want to cultivate edible fungi from basics using a culture syringe (not included). It is a simple three-stage process and can yield several […]

10% discount off everything all the time when you make a direct payment

10% discount off everything all the time when you make a direct payment at www.salviaonline.co.uk! We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the chance to get 10% off all of their purchases, all of the time when paying us by direct payment rather than debit card or credit card payment Types […]

Deluxe daddy Vaporiser

Deluxe daddy Vaporiser is a new vaporizer which offers many excellent features Vapor Daddy and Deluxe Daddy aromatherapy and vaporizer machines are the #1 selling units in Canada! Change the way you think and feel about aromatherapy and the benefits of vaporizing. The Vapor Daddy and Deluxe Daddy are simple, easy to use, with a […]

Puffit vapouriser (vapourizer)

Puffit vapouriser – available now from salviaonline.co.uk We only stock a small range of vapes here at salviaonline and are very picky about which ones we choose but had no hesitation in adding the Puffit vaporizer to our product range right away. The Puffit Vapouriser is the stealthiest vape in the world and looks super […]