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Salvia Divinorum Information

Salvia Divinorum ja -tiiviste opas

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Salvia Divinorum on perinteinen Meksikolaisten Mazatek intiaanien käyttämä rohdoskasvi. Salviaa on perinteisesti käytetty Meksikossa parantamiseen sekä henkisiin seremonioihin.

Salvia Divinorum tiiviste on jalostettu muoto salviasta jossa vaikuttavat aineet ovat eroteltu salvian lehdistä ja lisätty murskattuun lehteen. Standardoitu Salvia Divinorum tiiviste on tehty niin että jokainen gramma tiivistettyä salviaa sisältää saman määrän vaikuttavia aineita. Tiivisteitä on eri vahvuisia kuten viisinkertainen tiiviste, kymmenkertainen tiiviste ja aina vahvuudeltaan kuusikymmentäkertaiseen tiivisteeseen.

Salvia Divinorum kasvi on hyvin helppohoitoinen kasvi oikeissa olosuhteissa. Se kasvaa huonekasvina vuoden ympäri ilman sen suurempaa hoitoa. Salvia Divinorum kasvia ei voi kasvattaa siemenistä vaan se kasvatetaan Salvian pistokkaista. Pistokkaat istutetaan ruukkuun joka sisältää ravinteikasta multaa ja kastellaan hyvin. Salvia Divinorum kasvi itsessään ei tarvitse suoraa auringonvaloa vaan pärjää hyvin huoneiston omalla valaistuksella. Kun kasvi on kasvanut isoksi, voidaan siitä ottaa itse pistokkaita ja näin kasvattaa uusia kasveja.

salvia divinorum extract at low prices

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

salvia divinorum extract at new low prices

Here at we have been selling salvia divinorum extracts since 2001 to a loyal and satisfied clientele. We have recently been working with a new supplier of standardised salvia divinorum extracts and have been able to place very large orders and secure a much better wholesale price which we are now able to pass onto our customers

Salvia divinorum 5x standardised extract goes from £9.99 for 1 gram to £7.99 for 1 gram and you can now get 10grams of this high quality salvia extract for £55.99

The 10x salvia divinorum extract was £17.99 per gram but we have managed to secure a massive discount down to £10.99 per gram now.

These new low prices can be seen across the range of all of our salvia extracts.

We also have great deals on combinations where you purchase and ounce of Mazatec’s Golden salvia divinorum leaves as well as extracts and/or a bong.

The 10x leaf, extract and bong deal of 1g of salvia 1ox strength extract with an ounce of leaves and a pistol grip acrylic bong has gone from £30.99 to a new price of £27.99

growing salvia divinorum

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Growing Salvia divinorum is 100% legal here in the UK and we sell salvia cuttings which you can grow into full sized salvia divinorum plants.

Grwoing salvia divinroum is easy and we found some videos online which may help people who want to grow salvia divinorum.

This video contains salvia divinorum cuttings

This video shows the growing of salvia divinorum plants


wasson and hoffman cutting

Salvia divinorum rooted cutting

These salvia divinorum Cuttings are the Wasson and Hoffman strain rooted in a peat pellets. These plants are oganically grown, pest and disease free.

They are approx 5-8cm in height and will grow rapidly as soon as they establish a good root system. When recieved they should be potted in fresh potting compost watered thoroughly and left on a shady window sill. The plant will be droopy for about 5-7 days but then perk up and grow rapidly.

It will grow straight up with the main stem however if the top is pinched then side branches will take off growing the plant into more of a bush which will equal more leaf.

If your plant does not look great when it arrives they dont need humidity domes as they already have a root mass.
They just need to be planted in a pot and have diffuse sunlight for a week or two whilst they recover then full sun.

salvia divinorum safety

Monday, September 10th, 2012

SALVIA is not for human consumption: sold as botanical / horticultural / herbarium specimens

We do not want anyone to consume our salvia but for those people who will not listen you must be very careful so please read the info below

Safety when smoking salvia divinorum

Taking any psychoactive substance can be very dangerous and is not recommended by However anybody considering doing so should follow, very carefully, this set of instructions to avoid disaster. I would also recommend reading the user guide written by salvia divinorum expert Daniel Siebert at

Never be alone: Always be with someone who is not under the influence of any psychoactive substance who is able to keep an eye on you. Some people can believe what they are experiencing is reality and is essential that someone can stop you from doing anything to injure yourself.

Do not mix: Salvia Divinorum should never be mixed with any-other drugs or alchohol as you never know how an individual will react.

Do not overdo it: Salvia Divinorum can be a very strong substance, especially in the 5x extract form so always take a very small amount to start with and then see what reaction you have.

Never drive: Salvia Divinorum could severely Impair your ability to make judgments and therefore should always be avoided when driving. Anybody taking it should also wait a long time until all the effects have warn off and they are feeling totally normal again.

Reduce fire risk: When smoking there is always the risk of starting a fire so be careful where you smoke and have a bowl of water ready to throw the pipe into if need be or to use to stop ay flames.

Keep aware from minors: This substance can be very powerful and should be kept away from people under 18 at all times.