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UK cannabis directory

Salvia divinorum, magic mushroom grow kits and cannabis seeds

Links on lots of good stuff

specialise in the development and hosting of entheogen based websites

An authority on salvia divinorum

erowids vault

Tons more information on salvia

fresh magic mushrooms, magic mushroom grow kits and cannabis seeds

a great guide to all things cannabis related

420KindZone offers marijuana and smoking related resources. Check out our links, articles, and more at our resource directory.

The worlds best marijuana directory!

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Concept 420's Marijuana Info Site

International community and drugs information: enjoy our forum, chat, pictures, video,music about cannabis, magic mushrooms, amphetamine, lsd, cocaine, ecstasy, legal highs, research chemicals, ethnobotanicals, psychedelics and other drugs.

Salvia divinorum plants and cuttings available from Edinburgh based supplier, also advice on plant care, thoughts about this amazing sage, other plant allies, shamanism and altered state consciousness in general.

A new community-based site meant to spread and build upon information concerning cultivation, use, and more on Salvia Divinorum

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shortstuff seeds

the home of the short stuff seedbank specialising in great value auto flowering seeds

Community for cannabis growers and smokers.

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Salvia Divinorum reality life and death

Stuart Mason discusses some of the once hidden secrets about
salvia divinorum. He is one of the first salvianauts to openly describe
salvia beings and their mysterious agenda.

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