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Blackskull female Bubble Bud

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Blackskull female Bubble Bud

Looking for the bubblegum flavour without the high price? then blackskull seeds bubblebud is the right strain for you. A cross of big bud and a fast finishing sativa bubblebud is a great yielder that offers an energising effect.

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Blackskull female Bubble Bud marijuana seeds

Blackskull female Bubble Bud

• Flowering time: 50-60 days.
• THC levels: High. (15% - 20%)
• CBD levels: medium
• Indoor Yields: 80g-110g per plant
• Out door Yields: 250-500 grams per plant
• Height: 100cm - 140cm
• Genetics: Indica 40% Sativa 60%
• Strains : SuperBud x Jack Herer X Afghani

Bubble bud was discovered after we had crossed a big yielding SuperBud mother with a Jack Herer and Afghani Hybrid. The resulting strain gave off a surprisingly potent Bubblegum aroma while producing some of the fattest buds we have ever seen.

By Selecting the most superior phenotypes our breeders have obtained the maximum potency and taste. Bubble bud cannabis seeds produce tall and elegant cannabis plants that give off a great bubble- gum aroma.

This strain grows very quickly and packs on weight after the first few weeks of flowering. Slender buds will fatten and glisten with resin while filling the grow room with mouth-watering scents.
Outdoors, Bubble Bud will stretch and grow into a very sizable plant which can produce massive yields of up to 500g per plant. We recommend 3-4 gallon containers and a 30 day vegetative time to hit maximum yields.

This indica/sativa hybrid offers a very cerebral high which will keep you energised.

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