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blackskull female critical ryder

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blackskull female critical ryder

Criticalryder from blackskull seeds is a feminised autoflowering strain of marijuana seeds that was created by crossing critical mass with skullryder.

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blackskull female critical ryder

Blackskull female critical ryder

• Flowering time: 60-70 days from seed to bud.
• THC levels: Medium (10% - 15%)
• CBD levels: medium
• Yields: 30g-100g per plant
• Height: 60cm - 90cm
• Genetics: Ruderalis 25% Indica 37.5% Sativa 37.5%
• Strains : Skull Ryder X Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a well-known big production strain that was created by crossing big bud and skunk. We took critical mass and crossed it with Skull Ryder and refined it until it was 100% autoflowering. The resulting autoflowering strain is a strong smelling auto skunk that fills the grow room with a pungent aroma and produces taller than average plants with slender leaves and long buds.

CriticalRyder can produce such incredible harvests that it is easily comparable to photoperiod strains in terms of its commercial capabilities and because of this many growers are now coming across to the autoflowering way of thinking. In 10-11 weeks an experienced grower can be yielding over 500g per m2 of top quality buds using this strain.

Like any strain which has some skunk heritage you can expect a potent smell and an even more potent effect. The rock hard buds are easy to trim and the smell of the final product takes you straight back Amsterdams Coffee shops. CriticalRyder is our highest production Auto and does not let you down on quality either!