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Blackskull female Pineapplegum

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Blackskull female Pineapplegum

Pineapple flavoured strains have been a huge hit for the last few years in the marijuana seeds market and thats because everyone loves a fruity aroma. It was produced by crossing powerplant, bubblegum and a fast finishing haze strain. The result is the most popular strain from blackskull seeds.

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Blackskull female Pineapplegum marijuana seeds

Blackskull female Pineapplegum

• Flowering time: 50-60 days.
• THC levels: High. (15% - 20%)
• CBD levels: medium
• Indoor Yields: 80-120g per plant
• Out door Yields: 300-400 grams per plant
• Height: 70cm - 110cm
• Genetics: Indica 60% Sativa 40%
• Strains : Super Bud x Power Plant

Pineapple Gum is an indica dominant strain that finishes fast and has excellent yields.

It will stay short and fat so it is perfect for indoor growers and offers a very good supply of medical marijuana. Pineapplegum is a cross of the sativa dominant Power Plant strain and the big yielding SuperBud strain.

We were very happy with the yields and potency of our original crosses but we were especially impressed with some extra resinous plants that gave off a distinct pineapple aroma so we used those to continue our breeding process.

The final incarnation of pineapplegum gives off a wonderful bouquet which includes hints of citrus, tangerine and pineapple. The Buds grow quickly and pack on tons of weight with indoor yields easily hitting the half kilo per m2 mark.

Although pineapple gum exhibits more of its Indica heritage, there is enough sativa in the mix to mean it does not give too much of a couchlock effect. The High can be uplifting and motivational but will also relax you if thats your mood. For medical users there are pain relieving benefits and Pineapplegum will help increase appetite.
Like all of our strains we recommend 3-4 gallon containers and a 30 day vegetative time to hit maximum yields.

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