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Blackskull female Power Bud

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Blackskull female Power Bud

Blackskull seeds took 2 classic marijuana strains in power plant and big bud to create PowerBud. The result is a big yielder that offers earthy, skunky aromas and an energising sativa effect.

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Blackskull female Power Bud marijuana seeds

Blackskull female Power Bud

• Flowering time: 50-60 days.
• THC levels: High. (15% - 20%)
• CBD levels: medium
• Indoor Yields: 80-120g per plant
• Out door Yields: 300-400 grams per plant
• Height: 70cm - 110cm
• Genetics: Indica 60% Sativa 40%
• Strains : Super Bud x Power Plant

Power bud cannabis seeds produce beautiful female cannabis plants which offer great yields in a very short amount of time.
The cross of big bud and power plant is a masterstroke which results in a plant that offers a wonderful cerebral high without compromising on production.

Big Bud was first developed in the USA before being exported to the Netherlands where it was refined and improved. It is an indica strain which produces massive buds with very few leaves and production levels which are unmatched by any other variety. The effect is rather couchlock so we introduced the sativa genetics of Power Plant to the mix to create a more balanced strain.

The result is a very easy to grow strain which can yield 550g per m2 indoors and has unlimited potential outdoors. The Buds are rock hard, easy to trim and shine with crystals. They give off a pungent, earthy aroma with skunky overtones. The high is incredibly strong with a clear cerebral effect but also a strong body stone.
This strain is slightly Indica dominant so for medical users has great appeal for its pain killing and stress relieving qualities.

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