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Bud bomb deluxe smoking pipe

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Bud bomb deluxe smoking pipe

The bud bomb is a reveloutionary pipe that has an internal helix which allows the smoke to cool before it is inhaled.

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Bud bomb deluxe smoking pipe

The Bud Bomb deluxe pipe was designed to produce a cool, clean smoke. This is achieved by an innovative cooling process which is caused by a precision designed helix inside the pipe.

The smoke has to travel this extra distance before it gets to you and is therefore cooled in the process.

The can be broken down into its four components parts which are the mouthpiece, helix, main cover and the chamber. This can then be washed to get rid of any unwanted oils or tar.

Weight: 130g

Size: 10cm long

The bud bomb is available in Gun metal grey, chrome or 18ct gold plate - the Black version has been discontinued

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