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CBD hemp oil flavoured spray

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CBD hemp oil flavoured spray comes in 3 delicious flavours and contains the highest purity of CBD we have been able to find anywhere.

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CBD hemp oil flavoured spray

Choosing a CBD product can be quite confusing, with all the various brands stating different CBD content and lack of information as to the purity of the CBD they contain. Bear in mind, if a product claims to contain 100mg of CBD, you need to ask how pure that CBD is? If it is only 10% pure, then you are only really getting 10mg of actual CBD. We have simplified this for you, we use the purest CBD isolate available, laboratory certified to be 99.4% pure. Every 10ml bottle contains 100.7mg of CBD isolate. We have done the maths and science, so you can be assured that our product contains exactly 100mg of pure CBD per 10ml Bottle.

Many people who have tried CBD have been put off by the taste, with this in mind we have developed, what we consider to be the best tasting CBD oil drops in the world. We have selected the highest quality flavouring oils available, and blended them with high purity CBD isolate and organic hemp seed oil. The high purity CBD isolate that we use has a neutral taste, allowing the full deliciousness of the flavouring oils to be tasted. You can literally taste the high quality of our product!

We use only the highest quality ingredients:
Certified 99.4% Pure CBD Isolate from Organically grown European Cannabis, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Flavouring Oils.

Much of the confusion over the strength of CBD products and overinflated claims of CBD content have arisen from the current industry standard methods of production. Most CBD extracts are produced by using material from hemp plants that have been bred to yield a certain percentage of CBD. An extract is then made from this material, not all of the CBD will be liberated from it, but most will claim it has and make ridiculous calculations of its potency. This non scientific approach is harming the credibility of our industry. We aim to set a new industry standard by using quantifiable levels of CBD to end all confusion over exactly how much CBD is actually in a product.