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female seeds co black sugar

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female seeds co black sugar

In order to create a pure medical strain the female seeds company turned to a bestselling medical strain from the USA. Black sugar is a squat, stable indica hybrid which stays very short and produces massive resinous buds.

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female seeds co black sugar

In search of a pure medical strain, we turned to the bestsellers of the US medical dispensaries. One of those strains was not only a bestseller for it medical properties, but also as the best tasting variety.

A stable multi hybrid of short squat indicas and short sativas.
Seeds were made available to us and turned out to be very easy to grow.
So, here we have a very easy to grow incredibly short strain famous for its taste and effect. And the strange part is that it grows like an indica; short and squat like a NL, reaching a height of 40 - 50cm, but has lots of sativa smell and flavour. A liquorice, flowery, fresh smell with a distant little earthy afghan undertone.

Basically, she grows like an indica, but has the characteristics of a sativa.
Why Black Sugar? With temperatures on the low side, flowers turn dark purple-ish/blue-ish and when dried black-ish/purple-ish covered in resin sugar.