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Female seeds co easy sativa

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Female seeds co easy sativa
Female seeds co easy sativaFemale seeds co easy sativa

Easy sativa from the female seeds company is an early finishing sativa strain of marijuana which has been created to be perfect for outdoor growing in Holland. OUTDOOR

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Female seeds co easy sativa

So easy outdoors !

Its all in the name, an easy new-style sativa variety for in the greenhouse and outdoors. One of the best outdoor bud producers in Holland! Most of them flower under 18 hrs light and start flowering half July and reward you with a gigantic amount of large buds in September. There is some variation in bud shape and taste (between spicy and sweet), but all a clear sativa high. Well worth a try!

More info;

The best sowing time is mid April to mid May. We wouldnt recommend pre-growing them indoors, because they are semi-auto-flowering and this would cause them to start flowering in May outdoors. They need the longer days and intensive midsummer sun to keep them in growth.

For the warmer/Mediterranean climates we offer outdoor strains with a very high flower to leaf ratio. (more flowers than leaves, rock hard buds)

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