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Launch Box Vapourizer

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Price: £39.99 Quantity:
Launch box Vaporizer
Launch box VaporizerLaunch Box VapourizerLaunch box VaporizerLaunch box VaporizerLaunch Box Vapourizer

Launch Box Vapourizer is an Ultra Portable Vaporizer based on the Magic Flight Launch Box. This is not the original Magic Flight Launch Box but has been inspired by that product. It is very high quality but the price is much lower!

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Launch Box Vapourizer

Ultra portable vaporizer Kit

This Ultra portable vaporizer is light-weight, requires no lighter, no butane and runs on simple AA batteries. Small enough to fit in your pocket and pull out anytime for a quick vape this has truly been designed for the smoker on the go. Many other vaporizers have a 2-5 minute heat up time but with a 5-second heat time this Vaporizer is renowned for being one of the fastest on the market.
Its no wonder that this small portable vaporizer has a huge fan base.

Why Choose This Vaporizer?

Super fast - only 5 seconds to heat up!
Easy to load
Quiet - no fans or motors
Odour-free - no smell at all
Powered by two rechargeable NiMH batteries - No cables or lighters needed

Manufacturers Warranty
Buy with confidence
These are brand new, sealed straight from the manufacturer with a 30-day warranty.
Approved with FCC, CE, RoHS certifications, these are of the highest quality.

RRP : 69.99

The Portable Electronic Vaporizer Kit includes everything you need to start vaping right out of the box!

Inside the Kit :

1 x Wooden Electronic Vaporizer
2 x Rechargeable batteries
2 x Black battery caps
1 x Battery charger + Adapter
1 x Mouthpiece Tube
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x User Manual

Body Size = 6.4 cm x 3.2 cm x 2.3 cm
Battery capacity = 2200mah
Charging hrs = 3.5 - 4 hrs
Working voltage = 3.0v - 4.2v
Body Material = Wooden
Resistance = 1.8 - 2.40 ohm


An important thing to remember when first starting to use your vaporizer is to not get your blends too hot.
In order to avoid that, dont hold the battery down for more than 20 seconds.

1. Take your Grinded material, slide back the lid, load your blends loosely into the tray, then close the lid
2. Insert the battery and an orange light will come on, letting you know that it is heating up, which takes 3 to 5 seconds.
3. Whilst still holding the battery down, begin to inhale slowly through the tube.
4. Release the battery a few seconds before you stop inhaling to prevent overheating.
Before using again gently shake the box, side to side to ensure even extraction of the blends inside.

Vaporizing is Healthy, Discreet, Efficient and Wise.
Healthy: Much safer than smoking as no harmful combustibles are inhaled
Discreet: Its fast, small, silent and odour-free
Efficiency : Optimum usage of grinded blends lasts much longer which saves money
Wise: A clearer, cleaner, more euphoric experience