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Myco-box edible mushroom grow kit

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Myco-box edible mushroom grow kit

Growing mushrooms is fun and easy to do. Our edible mushroom grow kits from Myco Farm contain all the kit you need to grow your own edible mushrooms. Complete with oyster mushroom syringe, growing your own mushrooms has never been easier.

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Myco-box edible mushroom grow kit

The Myco Box, is the easiest to use edible mushroom grow kit on the market that will yield edible mushrooms in a matter of weeks. The Myco Box can be turned over and a second yield of mushrooms can be achieved with the kit.

Simply use it in conjunction with one of our edible mushroom syringes. The name was changed from Mushbox to Mycobox, so as not to confuse with the Mushbox that is made in the USA; this is a much better kit than the Mushbox.

For more information on the myco-box mushroom grow kit and instructions visit their website at

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