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Mycomate Truffle grow kit

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Mycomate Truffle grow kit

The MycoMate Underground truffle growkit will yield more then 100 grams of fresh truffles in a few months.This Kit is only to be used for growing edible mushrooms spores such as Oyster mushrooms.

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Mycomate Truffle grow kit

MycoMate Underground

The MycoMate Underground comes complete with full colour illustrated instructions and everything you need to grow the edible truffles (sclerotia) of your choice.

There are two options for inoculating (injecting) the truffle kit.

Spores: You may inject spores directly into growth substrate; this is a little less work but takes longer and occasionally not enough of the spores germinate.
Liquid Culture: For much quicker colonisation and larger yields you must first inoculate and colonize a Myco-Mate Liquid Culture vial and then inject the liquid culture into the bag of growth substrate.

The MycoMate Underground will yield more then 100 grams of fresh truffles in a few months.
Kit includes 2.5ml Oyster mushroom spore syringe

Weight: 0.7 kg