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Puffit Vapouriser

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Puffit Vapouriser
Puffit Vapouriserpuffit vape black or bluePuffit Vapouriser casepuffit box

Puffit Vapouriser is a super stealthy new vapouriser that disguises itself as an asthma inhaler so can be discreetly used anywhere!

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Puffit Vapouriser


The Puffit is a world first - a fully functioning, stealthy vapouriser, that fits into a handheld device the approximate size and design of a standard asthma inhaler.

There is no other vapouriser on the market today, which ticks all the boxes as a stealth product.

Designed so that vapouriser users can take a crafty little hit under circumstances where it would be impossible to pull a volcano from your pocket, the Pu#t is a self contained, USB chargeable battery powered vapouriser, with adjustable heat settings. This beautifully designed vaporiser is aimed squarely at the
stealth market, so will not prepare huge clouds of vapour (bit of a giveaway usually), and is available in the traditional blue, well known to asthma su$erers everywhere, as well as a stylish black design, which even though not standard, looks very cool indeed.

The Puffit comes with various accessories such as a silicon heat cap to go over the
!lling chamber cover (which can become hot in use), spare mouthpiece covers for
hygienic sharing, USB charging cable, and neoprene carry case. No longer will a
vapouriser user need to be jealous of their smoking buddies, as this super
stealthy vapouriser can be used discreetly just about anywhere.

Puffit Vapouriser

The PUFFiT™ vaporizer is USB rechargeable, making charging your device as easy as using it! Recharge anywhere you find a USB port.

With an aim to set a new standard in discreet personal vaporization, the PUFFiT™ vaporizer is the perfect choice for more seasoned vape enthusiast and conservative users alike.

PUFFiT™ vaporizer - the discreet choice!

USB Charging...

Simply plug your PUFFiT™ vaporizer into any standard USB source using the supplied cable. Standard charging time will be about 2.5-3 hours. It will not harm the battery to charge it before a low battery warning! When in doubt… plug it in!

Charging time

Heating Time depends on factors such as starting temp, type of blend, and temperature setting but the initial heating cycle should take about 20-30 seconds. Once it is warm it should happen much quicker.

Uses per charge

Total uses vary with temperature settings and blend but you should get between 25-30 cycles on a full charge. Do not attempt to use your PUFFiT™ vaporizer while charging. Always remove USB cable before starting a vaporizer cycle.

Variable temperature control

This is the temperature setting. Temperature ranges from 120°C (250°F) to 220°C (430°F) refer to the instruction manual for more information.

LED for ease of use

The flashing LED tells you what your PUFFiT™ vaporizer is doing. The LED indicates low battery, heating, cooling, charging etc. Refer to the instruction manual for a complete explanation.

Mouth Piece

The included mouth piece covers are made of food grade Polypropylene and are meant to provide a clean surface for individual users (Just in case you want to share your vapour but dont want to share your germs). They also prevent contamination of USB socket and temp wheel. They are washable and replaceable. Extras can be purchased from your PUFFiT™ vaporizer retailer.


The PUFFiT™ vaporizer is covered by a 1 Year limited replacement warranty. The battery is covered by a 90 day limited warranty. You should register your PUFFiT™ vaporizer when you purchase it to ensure expedient Warranty claims.

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