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ShortStuff Seeds Auto Himalaya Blue Diesel regular

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short stuff auto himalaya blue diesel
short stuff auto himalaya blue dieselShortStuff Seeds Auto Himalaya Blue Diesel regularshort stuff auto himalaya blue diesel seedsshort stuff auto himalaya blue diesel femalesshort stuff auto female himalaya blue dieselshort stuff feminised auto himalaya blue diesel

Himalaya blue diesel or HBD as it has become known is an awesome autoflowering marijuana strain which was created by crossing blue himalaya (auto blueberry kush) with new york city diesel. Himalaya blue diesel is a consistantly good seller due to its amazing blue appearance and frosty buds.

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ShortStuff Seeds Auto Himalaya Blue Diesel

Himalaya Blue diesel (or HBD as it has become known) is a cross of our Blue Himalaya strain and New york city diesel. Blue Himalaya is an indica dominant auto which was the result of crossing the fattest, most resinous Nepalese kush plant we could find with our auto line and then introducing a complex blueberry hybrid. The result was a highly resinous strain which stayed very short and gave off a wonderful blueberry aroma. We took this awesome blue kush strain and then crossed it with new york city diesel to add spiciness and extra potency and the result blew us away.

The plant has very chunky, compact buds that often turn blue or purple at the end of the flowering period. It can get a fair bit taller than the Blue Himalaya, sometimes reaching 70 or 80cm but most examples will be 50-60 cm and can easily yield 1-2 ounces. The strain gives off fruity and spicy scents and has wonderful medicinal qualities borne out of its indica heritage.

Himalaya Blue diesel is one of our Next generation Mid-sized autoflowering strains which means that while it retains the auto flowering characteristics of the original lowryder style strains, and will go from seed to bud in around 70 days, it is a much more potent, fast growing, taller strain and can easily match traditional photo-period cannabis strains.

Available as female and regular seeds
Seeds per pack : 10 regular seeds | 5 female seeds
Type : Auto flowering indica/sativa hybrid
Auto Type: Mid sized next generation auto
Height : 20-32| 50-80cm
Harvest : 8-10 weeks from seed
Yield : 30-60g |1-2oz per plant
Effect : couchlock stone
Potency : 9/10