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ShortStuff Seeds Auto Jedi Kush feminised

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ShortStuff Seeds Auto Jedi Kush feminised

Auto Jedi Kush feminised is a new strain from the autoflowering experts at shortstuff seeds. Auto Jedi Kush is a corss between OG Kush and Skywalker so expect the highest quality!

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ShortStuff Seeds Auto Jedi Kush feminised

Auto Jedi kush is a fantastic new strain we have been working on for some time and is the result of a cross between Skywalker and our favourite Auto OG kush. The genetic makeup of Skywalker contains Blueberry and Mazar which means there is some serious fruitiness in there and a definite indica dominance. Combine this with the world class OG kush and you have a strain with excellent medical pedigree which will enhance you r Jedi powers in the fight against the Darkside.

Jedi Kush is a medium/large auto strain which generally reaches 50-80cm in height and produces a classic OG shaped squat and solid plant. The main cola can get huge but this plant branches out very nicely with minimal foliage so there are tons of other excellent bud-sites come harvest-time.

The odour in the grow room is minimal with light coffee, pine and skunky notes but when you brush up against her she unleashes a fantastic OG stank. Expect very resinous buds, due to the high levels of trichomes, which make this an excellent strain for making extracts, hashish and rosin from.

The effect of Auto Jedi Kush is very indica in nature with a wonderful relaxed feeling kicking in after your first toke. The all over body buzz is great for killing pain and helps with anxiety and lack of appetite.

Thanks to the dense buds from this strain yields are excellent; even from shorter phenos with 30-90 grams (1-3) ounces being easily achieved in normal grow conditions. If grown in Hydro set ups we have seen yields in excess of 150g from 1 plant so this can be a very rewarding strain both in quality and quantity.

Type Auto flowering
Skywalker x Auto OG Kush
Auto Type Next Generation Auto
Height 20-36 | 50-90cm
Harvest 9-11 weeks from seed
Yield 30-150g |1-5 oz per plant
Indoors/Outdoors Both
Effect Super strong indica stone
Potency 9/10