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Vapor daddy deluxe daddy vaporizer

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Vapor daddy deluxe daddy vaporizer
Vapor daddy deluxe daddy vaporizerVapor daddy deluxe daddy vapouriserVapor daddy deluxe daddy vapourizersDeluxe daddy vape

Vapor daddy deluxe daddy vaporizer is the best selling vapouriser in Canada and is now available here in the uk from salviaoline.

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Vapor daddy deluxe daddy vaporizer

Vapor Daddy and Deluxe Daddy aromatherapy and vaporizer machines are the #1 selling units in Canada! Change the way you think and feel about aromatherapy and the benefits of vaporizing. The Vapor Daddy and Deluxe Daddy are simple, easy to use, with a timeless design to match any style. The Deluxe Daddy is the only aromatherapy and vaporizer machine on the market with a patent pending removable and replaceable element with a 3 year warranty. So join the rest of us who enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and vaporizing. Breathe Easy...Your Vapor Daddy is here!

Deluxe Daddy Aromatherapy and Vaporizer Machine

Replaceable Ceramic Heating Element (Patent Pending)
Dual Screen Hands-Free Glass-on-Glass Wand
Removable Glass Element Cover
Chrome Temperature Dial With Numbered Base
Aroma Cup Oil Diffuser Attachment
3 Year Element Warranty

Why Vapourise?

Is vaporizing better for you? It actually can be. If you now smoke tobacco, or any other aromatic or medicinal herb, a Vapor Daddy can allow you to obtain the benefit without smoke of any kind. The preferred material is heated just enough to release the active ingredients, well below the temperature of combustion. By inhaling only this pure volatized oil, carried in a light mist, you receive just pure essence, with none of the unpleasant or harmful effects of smoke.

When you smoke, tobacco or herbs are heated to extremely high temperatures, typically around 1000 degree Fahrenheit (538 degree Celsius). This temperature is much hotter than necessary for inhaling the active ingredients of a plant. Temperatures above 450 F (232 C) will set fire to tobacco. This destroys most of the active ingredients and releases carcinogens and tar. The tar in tobacco for example, is a mixture of many different chemicals, including formaldehyde, arsenic, cyanide, benzo[a]pyrene, benzene, toluene, acrolein, all of which are not good for your lungs. By using a Vapor Daddy Vaporizer you can bypass the dangerous effects of the smoke and tar, leaving you with only the desired effects. The experience of a Vapor Daddy Vaporizer is incomparably superior to smoking in every way. Your lungs will surely begin to notice a difference.

You will be able to experience the full effects of any aromatic or medicinal herb, without getting all the toxic contaminants which occur during smoking including heat, tar, carbon monoxide, and other carcinogens. And you will save money on herbs that used to only go up in smoke!

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